addiction recovery


October 25, 2019

Becoming Whole Again: How a holistic treatment approach strengthens recovery

What does it mean to reap the benefits of a holistic treatment program? The term “Holistic” has become somewhat of a buzz word online, as well as in the health and healing arenas of life. For some, it may bring up thoughts of basking in relaxing healing practices. For others, it might bring up more skepticism, especially for those who […]
August 30, 2019

Life is Magic: Mindfulness+New Experiences = More Freedom

Most of us experienced some magic in life at a young age; the awe-like wonder of a small child entranced with new things, new experiences; not rushed by the obligatory demands of time and pressure. Over time we get talked out of the magic, out of the interest, into obligation, into demands from well-intentioned or not-so-well intentioned adults. Many of […]